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There are 'No Limits' to what young people can achieve when given an opportunity 

Technology Creativity Innovation  

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Our Vision

Our vision is reflected in our partnership name, No Limits Digital Media. We both believe there are no limits to what a young person can achieve when they're given an opportunity. In our modern digital world, using tech starts early. We offer clubs and workshops that give young people the opportunity to use cutting edge technology, explore different forms of creativity and be immersed in activities that enable them to interact with advanced software and professional equipment, using a hands on approach. Beyond our love of technology and creativity, we give young people an inclusive safe space to be themselves, spend time with their peers and thrive. A combination that both boosts confidence and nurtures well-being. No Limits champions young people and our next generation of adults, creating digital leaders of the future.

Clubs & Workshops 

  • Extend children's learning, using innovative computing technologies

  • Cutting edge TV & Film making experiences for young people



This group of young people are doing something that very few - if any - of their peers are doing and they are doing it so well! When we had our event in December, teachers were amazed to see young people taking on responsible, technical, and decision-making roles, and creating such a strong outcome! The sight of seeing them running the show was so powerful. Amazing work!

Mark Reid, Head of Education, British Film Institute

Well done to all of your team & crew. I can't put into words how it felt watching the stream back; looking at the beginning of the ride & seeing you guys filming throughout the day. The coverage of the whole day was superb! Your involvement has been second to none.

Dave Simpson, Bexley Events Organiser 'Tour De Bexley #4'

Being shown how to do something and then actually learning by doing and having the opportunity to figure things out, rather than just sitting in front of a board, is the best way to learn. It's like an apprenticeship and we are often learning without realising it.

Daniel Wilds, end2end TV Crew, Gold Arts Award Qualification

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